There is this Perl module on CPAN that looks really handy

So, I want to use Devel::Cover::Report::Codecovbash which is a Perl module. To test out how it works of course I can simply install it off CPAN:

cpanm -nq 'Devel::Cover::Report::Codecovbash'

I can use it just fine like this. To be sure, installing modules as a user $PERL5LIB needs to be set accordingly. Say I spent some time trying this out and decided that I want to depend on this package. More concretely to use it in openQA upstream I need it to be available as a package on openSUSE.

How do I get this packaged then?

Apparently the project lives on GitHub but there’s no spec file there that I could build an RPM package from 🤔 This is where the magical cpanmirror comes in which has perl-Devel-Cover-Report-Codecovbash in it.

Submission to DLP

I was going to explain how to submit the generated package to devel:languages:perl but it turns out it’s already there. Well, I still got my package, right? 🤓

Just one thing that was missing that you want to do is the meta description. It’s worth checking that not only the spec file is correct but also the description here.

Let’s get this package into the factory

To be able to use the package elsewhere it first needs to go into openSUSE Factory. That’s not a distro in the general sense but rather the foundation of openSUSE Tumbleweed. There’s no freezes, no stability guarantees and no QA on it so you wouldn’t want to install it as-is.

In the web UI you can use Actions, Submit Package to start a submission. Enter factory in the freeform text field and select openSUSE:Factory. Add a motivation for your request, such as I would like to be able to use this as a dependency of openQA packages.

Now wait for automated checks to run and give maintainers a chance to review.